Digital Notice Board for School, College with Software - DigiSignage™

All the things have been changed from the past few years and the traditional methods are started conveying into the digital one. From dawn to dusk, our whole life is depending on the digital ways and speaking of which, is fact that we won’t survive without them. So, despite from this, we have come up with the Digital Notice Board which is the renewal of traditional print and other dynamic form.initiatives, and remain updated with latest achievements and accolades.

The result of the visual display is far better than the traditional dynamic form which simply draws the attention of the students and the staff. Digital Notice Board allows informing the students about the upcoming events, educational outcomes, students’ achievements.

Why should we embrace the Digital Notice board? The DigiSignage™ is easy to operate, worthwhile communication which means you can inform pupils and staff by the flexible and adaptable ways such as like using existing TVs. Withal, it is superior way to eliminate the wastage of paperwork as our tag line is "Save Paper, Save Tree, Go Digital!"

Video (.Mp4)
Photos (.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png)
Titles & Paragraphs
Photo Slideshow
  • School’s Welcome message
  • Staff and Student’s Notice
  • Government Plans and information
  • Student’s Achievement
  • Photos Gallery
  • Events and School Regular notice
  • Display an emergency News
  • Exam schedule
  • Student’s Birthday Wishes
  • Daily Intelligence Question/puzzle
  • Daily thoughts of the day
  • Video Gallery
  • About School Information
  • Upcoming holidays
  • Activities, Sports Schedule
  • Tours and picnics photos
  • Faster & wider Communication
  • Manage multiple TVs and Playlist
Required Resources
  • Smart Android Os TV
  • Desktop Computer
    Windows/ubantu/linux OS
    Full HD Resolution Monitor 23" or above
    8GB RAM
    240 GB SSD

For Technical Information

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